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If you’re looking for a way to hit the reset button and recharge from the chaos of everyday life, organizing a Costa Rica meditation retreat for you and your group is the perfect solution. Harmonize with nature while connecting your mind and body in a way that your busy world hinders.

Setting off on the epic journey of Costa Rica meditation retreats is everything you and your participants will need to find inner peace. Amid stunning lush surroundings brimming with tropical foliage, unique wildlife, and the soothing sounds of the Diamante Waterfall, you’ll have the perfect backdrop to create your relaxing experience.

We can guide you through every step of the process when planning your Costa Rica wellness retreat.

Inside looking out view into a pool and then the forrest

Vajra Jahra Retreat Center is your personal retreat with an ideal location in the Puntarenas Province near the Pacific Ocean for the best meditation retreats, yoga retreats, and wellness retreats. Each one will provide you and your group with a spiritual awakening for a new lease on life. For all retreat hosts, we invite you to escape the outside world and let the stress melt away.

Scenic Retreat Setting

The tranquil surroundings of Vajra Jahra Retreat Center’s Costa Rica location put you right in the heart of nature. The quiet and secluded grounds prime you and your retreat goers for a place of mindfulness and self-discovery.

Wake up to the songs of the beautiful rainforest birds as the sun’s rays shimmer through the trees. Listen to the soothing flow of water from Diamante Waterfall, letting it cleanse your spirit. The natural world provides a simple yet luxurious way to get back to the present moment, something that we often forget in our busy lives. By hosting your meditation retreat at Vajra Jahra Retreat Center, you and your participants can fully unwind while forming a deep connection with your inner self and one another.

These breathtaking views of rainforests and the mountains beyond provide a calming experience, one that will flow through you all with every breath.

Everyone in your group will reset the mind, body, and spirit with these natural rhythms.Retreat duration can vary as you see fit. Reserve a few small villas today and revitalize your mental health. You also have the option to reserve the entire property to ensure you have complete privacy for your meditation retreat. Either way, you and your retreat participants will revel in the bliss of calmness, relaxation, and comfortable silence to restore your well-being.

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Facilities and Amenities

At our retreat centers in Costa Rica, it is easy to reduce stress through our yoga and meditation offerings. Vajra Jahra Retreat Center is the ideal place for meditation retreats, sound healing, and invoking a sense of adventure.

Our beautiful facilities tucked in the natural surroundings of Costa Rican rainforests provide you and your participants with every luxury under the sun. A simple yet exquisite escape awaits through our bounty of amenities to help everyone feel comfortable throughout your group’s stay.

Poolside View

Refresh in the Infinity Pool

Cool off or cleanse your spirit in our 15-meter infinity pool. It’s a treat for the senses with spectacular views overlooking the majestic Diamante Waterfall.

Connect Your Soul with Nature on the Hiking Trails

Keep active while connecting to the natural scenery around you. Our hiking trails offer an incredible experience that allows you and your participants to discover the many creatures that call Costa Rica home. From coatis and butterflies to toucans and oropendolas, you’ll all find new companions on your journey to self-discovery.

Unite Your Mind and Body at the Yoga Studio

Our open-air yoga studio provides a splendid setting for daily yoga and meditation sessions with a stunning view of the waterfall. During retreat time, these practices can help every retreat goer understand their thoughts and themselves better, forming a solid bond that improves inner harmony.

All Meals Included in Meditation Retreats

For the duration of your meditation retreat, you and your participants only need to focus on yourselves. Vajra Jahra Retreat Center provides you with locally sourced, fresh dishes that nourish your body and delight your taste buds. These delicious meals can help each of you stay true to your wellness goals. With three meals per day, you’ll all have everything you need to power through your meditation practice.

Other Services for Your Meditation Retreat

At our Costa Rica retreat center, it’s our goal to create a special and memorable experience for you and your group. We are happy to go above and beyond to accommodate special requests for meals or services, though we do require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before your arrival to allow us to plan.

Let us arrange spa services to go along with your meditation classes so you can feel refreshed inside and out. We also handle laundry for a nominal fee during your stay. As we value sustainable life and simplicity, we create luxurious Costa Rica meditation retreat experiences for retreat hosts and their participants with our concierge service. We provide daily housekeeping while your group is out exploring the hiking trails, jungle streams, and pools or simply gathered around the fire pit bonding.

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Travel Planning Services

At Vajra Jahra Retreat Center, we understand the need for an escape from daily life. We also understand that travel planning can leave you feeling stressed, especially as the host. We offer our travel planning services to you no matter the size of your meditation retreat, allowing you to conduct a full self-study while we craft the optimum daily schedule to meet your needs. 
Leave it to us to make your Costa Rica meditation retreat a success without stressing about the planning process. Whether you and your participants want to go zip lining, participate in a cacao ceremony, or embark on other adventures, we can put it all in place.

Customizable Retreat Packages

Our Costa Rica meditation retreats are fully customizable to cater to your unique needs. We can tailor them to specific themes or meditation practices, allowing you and your group to get the most out of your experience.

If you don’t know where to begin in organizing or planning your yoga and meditation retreat, relax and let our travel planning experts put it together for you to enjoy!

Meditation Retreats

Give yourselves the spiritual refreshment you need and get away from the world. By creating a meditation retreat in the surroundings of the jungle landscape, you each will truly replenish your spirits to the core.

Let us guide you through every step of the process and create a schedule around this powerful practice. Vajra Jahra Retreat Center takes care of the details while you revel in the bliss of this treasured space with your fellow retreat goers. We help you pick activities that fit your needs and budget, tailoring them to what you like and leaving out anything that doesn’t serve your best intentions.

Your meditation retreat provides endless opportunities to reconnect, feel inspired, seek peace, and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation. Along with good food sourced by our local community, you’ll have it all.

Choose guided meditation or a regular meditation class. Add other adventures along the way as you wish — this is your group’s journey to replenish yourselves.

Wellness Retreats

Spend your group retreat in quiet time, focusing on your wellness and your wellness only. A wellness retreat at Vajra Jahra Retreat Center is exactly what you need to take your overall health to the next level.

There’s no need to feel heavy anymore with a yoga course or meditation class to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Our retreat center is a prime destination for travelers who seek an experience unlike anything else, where you all can relax with quiet time or embark on an extraordinary adventure. Step outside your comfort zone and let our beautiful venue provide the soothing setting you deserve to enhance your wellness.

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Yoga Retreat

If you prefer to focus on yoga, set up a yoga retreat with friends, family, or fellow yoga fanatics. Our location provides awe-inspiring views that are simply sublime for yoga.

Host your yoga retreat with Vajra Jahra Retreat Center to go beyond daily yoga classes. You can reserve the whole property for full group privacy to fully immerse yourselves in the property and surrounding natural beauty or reserve a handful of villas for your needs.

Discover meals that nourish while reflecting the bold and delightful spirit of Costa Rican cuisine after hiking through the trails and looking for exotic local wildlife. Swim in the infinity pool and feel as though you are sailing into the nearby waterfall, or head out into the jungle pools and streams to fully connect with nature.

When you and your retreat group engage in yoga in our open-air studio, you will have life-affirming experiences while detoxing from the chaos of daily life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reconnect with yourself and others who share an affinity for yoga. Best of all, we can handle the planning to build you a customized itinerary that suits the needs of everyone in your group.

How Vajra Jahra Retreat Center Helps You Create an Unforgettable Retreat in Costa Rica

With a location near the beaches and easy access to Manuel Antonio National Park, there are many amazing experiences your group can discover while staying with us. Adventurous groups can schedule exciting activities at these locations by leaving the planning to us. Try surfing, snorkeling, white water rafting, or zip lining to invigorate your senses.

For something a little more laid back, we can help you plan a trip to the hot springs, schedule a Costa Rican cooking class, or plan a cacao ceremony. You’ll find these simple pleasures are among the greatest luxuries to ever experience. When you and your participants do finally head home, you’ll be changed for the better in so many ways.

What makes us stand out among other retreat centers?

Living Area With Big Door Leading to the Balcony and Pool

Planning for You and Your Participants

Being a host adds to your stress, and this trip is meant to alleviate just that. Leave the planning to us. Let us know how many people will be in your group and what activities you prefer and we’ll handle the rest. Some people find smaller groups easier to help achieve their spiritual goals while others have the mentality of the more, the merrier.  

Different Types of Retreats

Let us simplify the process of planning with various types of retreats. Embark on yoga, meditation, or wellness retreats that help you hit your goals. We focus on the schedule and structure, allowing you and those in your group to get the best out of this experience.

Activities Customized for You and Your Guests

You may want more adventure than relaxation, or perhaps a blend of both. Whatever you decide, our travel planning team at Vajra Jahra Retreat Center knows just what to do. You can keep it simple and have more downtime built in to enjoy the silence or keep busy at every moment. It’s all up to you as we build flexibility into every itinerary to help retreat hosts curate the perfect experience.

Stunning Natural Views

Why go to a retreat in the middle of a city or at a busy hotel? The stunning views here are therapeutic enough to put your minds back in the right place. You may want to admire the view from afar or head out into nature to see it up close. The choice is yours!

Scrumptious Food Included

Nourish your mind and body with food that fuels your wellness goals without sacrificing flavor. Our meals are customizable, too, making it easy to request accommodations in advance for any dietary restrictions or allergies for anyone in your group.

Join Us for a Retreat

Spend more time nourishing your soul and rekindle your hope in our unique space. An integral part of who we are resides in our ability to connect to ourselves and others by finding harmony in the mind and body. Vajra Jahra Retreat Center provides a community that fosters growth through yoga, wellness, and meditation. 

Enrich your lives with one of our retreats that speaks to your spirit and start planning with one of our travel experts today. You and your fellow retreat goers will experience the changes needed for personal growth and feel replenished from the moment you arrive with a lasting impact that will serve you well even after you return home.

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