Diamante Waterfall as seen from Vajra Jahra Retreat Center

Luxury in Simplicity

Experience the serenity of nature in Costa Rica. Enjoy comfort and tranquility with stunning views of the Diamante Waterfall at Vajra Jahra Retreat Center.

Unique Retreat Center in Costa Rica

Vajra Jahra Villas & Retreat Center, located in beautiful Costa Rica in Central America, is one of the leading world-class retreat centers, with modern luxury surrounded by stunning views of nature. We are dedicated to creating the ultimate retreat experience for those seeking to step away from the busyness of life.

Vajra Jahra  has a relaxing atmosphere to bring peace and rejuvenation to your time in Costa Rica. With views extending over lush rainforests, and the opportunity to spot stunning wildlife, you are sure to experience the most unique getaway of your life. A Costa Rica retreat is ideal whether you plan to come with friends or family, to say your vows at our property during an unforgettable destination wedding, plan a corporate retreat event, or to organize a rejuvenating yoga retreat.

Why Choose Vajra Jahra For Your Vibrational Healing Resort?

The Retreat Center was built on the idea that life’s simplest pleasures are also the most luxurious. In Sanskrit, Vajra Jahra translates to “shining diamond”, which is a tribute to the Diamante Waterfall – visible from the Retreat Center. Our mission is to make it as seamless as possible for group and retreat leaders to provide a unique, metamorphic experience for their guests.

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Destination Wedding Retreat
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Easy To Work With, Easy To Relax: Host A Retreat Or Group Event At Vajra Jahra

We’re not just a venue, we’re your Costa Rica retreat concierge. Plan to host a retreat that provides a unique experience for your group, with the help of our local expertise. Some of our top-rated amenities include:

A jungle stream runs through the forest with a small waterfall and a pool below.

Infinity Pool

with views of the Diamante Waterfall

Open Air Yoga Studio

with mountain and waterfall views

Hiking Trails

spot iconic Costa Rican wildlife

Jungle Streams and Natural Pools

seasonally dependent

Delicious Meal Plans

fresh, local food made with love

Private Villas

with one or two queen beds

Spa Services

available with advanced notice

Tours and Activities

ask us for more info

Toucan with colorful beak which is native to Costa Rica
One of Vajra Jahra's villas seen from the outside

Modern Villas Immersed In Nature

Nestled in the serene rainforest, Vajra Jahra Villas & Retreat Center offers expansive views of Costa Rica’s rich nature and is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Discover our Regular and Large private villas, each with one or two queens beds.

Imagine hosting the ultimate retreat experience for you and your attendees, while being surrounded by endless, breathtaking views of nature in its purest form. Wake up to the peaceful sounds of exotic birds chirping and water flowing in jungle streams. Imagine your group connecting to nature through the stunning sights and calming sounds of the Diamante Waterfall, beaches, and tropical rainforest.

Vajra Jahra is the perfect place to feel the positive energy that flows throughout the entire landscape as you enjoy the natural rhythms of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Front view of Vajra Jahra's infinity pool

Unique Location In The Heart Of The Rainforest

Our villas are located in the heart of nature, settled in a serene private area that is ideal for regrouping from your everyday hustle and bustle, stepping away from screens and distractions, and allowing quiet time for self-discovery and reflection through meditation and connection with the world around you.

As the retreat host, you are offering your guests an unforgettable experience to fully unwind in our center which can accommodate 17 people, including the facilitator. We offer two types of villas: one-person capacity villas and two-person capacity villas, each including WiFi, air conditioning, shower, coffee maker and coffee, mini fridge, and both indoor and outdoor seating areas.

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Woman Meditating While Viewing the Sunset From a Villa
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Cascading waterfall seen from up close
A couple of colorful macaws

Start Planning Your Retreat In Costa Rica Today

Our team of experts takes pleasure in helping you see more of what beautiful Costa Rica offers. We offer our local knowledge and connections so that your group can make the most of your retreat. We are happy to help arrange for ground transportation to explore the many activities and services throughout Costa Rica such as waterfall tours and wildlife hikes, as well as airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

Whether you are visiting from within Costa Rica, planning an event, headed from Europe or North America, or traveling from across the globe, our English and Spanish-speaking expert team is ready to make your next retreat to Vajra Jahra Villas & Retreat Center an experience you are sure to remember and leave your guests in awe.