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Diamante Aerial

Discover Vajra Jahra, a retreat in Costa Rica’s stunning landscape, where lush forests, diverse wildlife, and spectacular waterfalls await. This is a place where nature’s bounty is celebrated with every waterfall cascading through the valley, creating a symphony of water that dances to the rhythm of the earth.

We’ve meticulously crafted exclusive wellness packages for you and a guest to dive into the natural beauty of our region. The Diamante Valley is renowned for its iconic waterfalls. Let Nauyaca Waterfall enchant you with its two cascades, offering a tranquil retreat into the jungle. A leisurely 2.7km trek guides you to this natural wonder, where you can enjoy vast swimming holes and the gentle caress of smooth rocks to enjoy a picnic amidst the serenity.

Vajra Jahra, meaning “shining diamond” in Sanskrit, pays tribute to the Diamante Fall, Costa Rica’s tallest waterfall at over 600 feet. Visible from anywhere on our property, this hike is suited for those ready for a challenge. Along with a personal guide, you’ll visit a local organic garden, enjoy panoramic views from the waterfall’s peak, and relax in secluded swimming spots. Lunch is included in this full-day adventure.


Choose your custom adventure with our Waterfall Adventure Package options:

● A 2-night stay with one waterfall adventure, selecting the cascade that calls to you. Prices range between $450 – $600 depending on your waterfall choice.
● A 3-night retreat featuring two waterfall expeditions, for those who wish to witness the magnificence of both falls. Price is $900.

Included in your package are delightful meals created from local organic ingredients and transportation to your chosen waterfall escapade. Enhance your stay with our array of unique experiences, from the cacao ceremony and sound healing to invigorating private yoga sessions, exhilarating surf lessons, and beyond. (click to connect to Tours and Activities).

To embark on this journey of discovery and rejuvenation at Vajra Jahra, or for more information, reach out to us at or schedule a quick chat here!